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Leading from Your Strength Certified

Hard Lessons in God’s Faithfulness

“Now then, go, and I, even I, will be with our mouth, and teach you what you are to say.” – Exodus 4:12 (NASB)

Spanish Language School

While in language school in Costa Rica, I struggled over basic grammar rules, the meanings of words and the tenses of the verbs. I often felt frustrated. Like Moses, I reminded God that I was slow of speech. I knew He wanted me to go out and speak anyway, even though I was afraid. There are no good excuses when He says “go”. And of course, He was faithful through it all.

WHERE do You want us to go?

Another time, after Spanish language school, the mission group sent us to Haiti, where they speak French and Creole. I felt like I could have written the book about When God Doesn’t Make Sense. I struggled with everything. I was unprepared for the culture and I again struggled over basic grammar and word meanings and tenses of verbs. I most definitely felt frustrated and actually I felt betrayed by the mission group. But once again, God’s faithfulness was evident, as He once more reminded me that it was He who told me to go; and that He would teach me what to say.

Communication is more than just words

I learned that when I smiled a lot and used my hands a lot I was able to find ways to communicate with the people of the countries where we were sent. I’m grateful that I did not let my fear win the battle. It was actually hard to leave both countries because God had been so evident in my daily survival there; and He taught me what to say, just like He promised.

Inadequacy is a condition, not a place

Just because I am no longer in a foreign country doesn’t mean that the days have ended for my stepping out and “going” when I feel inadequate for the task. He reminds us that it is the very definition of the Christian life. His sufficiency in exchange for our insufficiency. Every day. All day. No matter what. No matter where. No matter who. No matter when. He is our “How”. Always.

Let’s pray together:

“Where do you want us to go today, Lord? Thank You for the examples of Your proven faithfulness in Your Word. Help us to remember times past when you were faithful, so we have courage for today to trust You to be faithful again. Always. Thank You for the testimony of other believers. It gives us courage. May we bring You joy this day. Amen.”

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For the Love of Haiti

The following article is reprinted from Gary Wood’s Running on Full Today web site.

Armchair quarterbacks try to come up with the answers for how to make things work in the rescue efforts in Haiti, following the earthquake. “Why don’t they just…” is often heard wherever people gather. It is all said in an effort to try to find solutions for the daily images of pain and suffering we see broadcast by the media. We are a nation that wants to help. But without knowledge of the culture and the way it functions, our hands are tied and there are bottlenecks preventing or slowing down help getting to the people it’s intended for.

It is difficult to understand why the help Haiti needs is not readily available in their country already…or why they can’t just google Amazon and have it delivered right to their door.

Even in the best of times, Haiti does not have the resources that we have learned to take for granted. Could it be that at least some of the problems come from confusion caused from trying to “help” Haiti through the filter of our own North American cultural mindset and habits? If that were indeed true, and I believe that it is, what can we do?

A Haitian doctor expressed sincere gratefulness on a news segment, but he then said, “But, this is our country. Don’t tell us what we have to do.” He is a doctor. An educated man. Are you wondering why he said that?