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Brainwashing Monster

Unplugging the TV for a television “fast”. Could I do it? I had wanted to for a long time, but lacked the resolve. I don’t know how it sneaked in on me. When my kids were growing up, we didn’t watch television. On the weekend, we rented Christian videos, but didn’t just sit in front of the TV.

Somehow, after they left home, it made the meal hour a bit easier with another person (via television) in the room. And then it developed into…at the end of the day, with my brain tired of thinking, it was so easy to just sit in front of the brainwashing monster that required no interaction from me. I could “mindlessly” sit there and watch the flickering screen. Mindlessly is the key word here. My mind was a sponge, soaking up whatever poured forth into my living room.

I began to get disturbed at how my brain felt like it was turning to mush. So, I chose to give up television for the Lenten season. It started as 40 days of no TV. And here I am, still in the midst of my television fast.

Do I miss it? Yes, I miss it a lot. I miss the commercials that try to make me lust after things I don’t need. I miss the visuals of sex outside of marriage. I miss the violence. I miss the bad attitudes, the disrespect for others, the mocking of God and the taking of His name in vain. I miss the “brainwashing” of my value system.

Yes, I miss a lot…and my spirit feels “cleaner” without all that pollution entering my mind and spirit.

I also remind myself that it’s important to keep remembering to put something better in its place, or I’ll fall right back into it again. I’m catching up on some great reading. On a post real soon, I plan to follow through on a request from one of this blog’s readers…To publish a list of books and videos/DVD’s that feed my soul. Stay tuned (sorry…I couldn’t resist saying that!

I know it is well past Easter, when we typically think of giving up things, but anytime is a good time to have a television fast. I challenge you to consider unplugging your television. And then let us all know how soon your brain feels cleaner and brighter.

We are in this battle for our minds together! Keep looking up!

Think about it…if the Lord came back at this moment, would you want to be watching television? Would you ask Jesus to wait for the next commercial before you were ready to go? I think not…so…what if today was the day? What if it is? What will you be doing/reading/watching?

Oh, I almost forgot to make the challenge a bit more … well … challenging! I have a friend that plans to go on a church mission trip to Haiti this fall. In order to fund the trip, he and his wife have given up their Internet and television. So…how about that??? Not only is he giving up something that we all think is essential, but he is also GOING into a very challenging environment. I know because I have lived in Haiti as a missionary. I know the challenges he will be facing. Yet, isn’t it cool that his brain will be less polluted because of his fast from television AND the Internet? Hmmmm…hopefully, this has all given you some “food” for thought.

Please pass the television fast challenge on to those you love. It could make all the difference in this world. I’d love to hear from you. What are you thinking? Are you addicted to television or the Internet? Have you done a fast from either or both? How did it go?


  1. No TV. Hummmmmm! Would I miss it. Yes. Could it be a good miss, maybe. It takes way too much time. However, I do find that I am rather descriminting it what I watch and that I mute it during commercials or get up and do something else. I also remember a time years ago when we unplugged it for a thunder storm. Six weeks later Gail’s family was there and the kids wanted to watch TV. It took us a while to figure out that the reason it wasn’t working was because it was unplugged. Didn’t miss it then.
    Now the Internet is a different story. That is one way I keep in touch with the people I love and care about. I don’t want to give that up. I am able to communicate with lots of people I would have lost were it not for the Internet. Maybe that’s why God made the Internet in the first place to make it easier for His children to communicate and maintain relationships.
    Just creating some chatter!!!

    Comment by Ellen

  2. Ellen, I love your story about unplugging the TV because of a thunderstorm and not realizing it for six weeks. It makes me laugh thinking about all of you trying to find out the problem and it was the “plug”. That is just the coolest story! 🙂

    I know what you mean about the internet. I’d be out of business and also out of contact with family and friends without the internet, but I do miss the long handwritten letters that we all used to write.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story.

    Comment by admin

  3. Great post! What an excellent challenge, as I have grown older it has become much harder for me to fast food, so I have fasted TV. Is it difficul? Sure it is, our culture thrives on television. My father used to called it the idiot box, so growing up I was only allowed to watch TV for short periods of time. When I think back, there were only 3 regular and 3 UHF stations to choose from. Now we have hundreds and there still is nothing worth watching on. Fasting TV clears away the extra chatter and gives our spirit a greater opportunity to hear from God, he speaks so much stronger to our spirit when we are quiet in our minds. The last time I fasted TV, the fast lasted 1 week. This challenges me to attempt a longer fast. But giving up the Internet is another story, since I use it for research, study, blogging, ministry and connection to friends like yourself. I am thinking possibly fasting Facebbook and other social networks could be a real challenge to many. I will pass the challenge on. I will be praying that all who endeavor to fast TV will receive a great blessing for doing so!

    Comment by Dawn

  4. Hi Dawn, Funny…I remember my Dad calling the television the “Idiot Box” as well. Not far from the truth, that’s for sure. I’ve found that TV dulls my brain and minimizes my discernment. You are so right that it is difficult to fast the internet, since we need it in order to do our jobs, but my friend and his wife had a greater purpose in fasting the internet in their home…and TV…in order to “find” the money so he could go on a mission trip to Haiti.
    Thanks for passing the challenge on and for praying blessing as a result…on those that “take the plunge”. I can’t wait to hear the results back from those that accept the challenge.

    Comment by admin

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