Leading from Your Strengths Certified
Leading from Your Strength Certified

Gratefulness Revolution. 10 Easy Steps to Change Your World

Let's Change the World
In only 10 easy steps you can change your world. One person at a time! Here’s a fun way I do that:

When I go to a store & the clerk/cashier is pleasant & helpful (and appreciates my humor):

  1. I ask their name.
  2. I tell them that I appreciated their (helpfulness or sense of humor or whatever).
  3. I ask them for the name of their supervisor so I can tell the supervisor what a good job they did.
  4. I ask where I can find their supervisor.


  1. I seek out the supervisor.
  2. I smile inwardly as they tense up expecting a complaint. (Now you understand a bit more of my quirky sense of humor.)
  3. I tell them that I know that they are used to bad reports about employees, but…
  4. I want to give a good report about (NAME) and that I think the employee deserves some kind of reward because they are good for business!


  1. I watch the supervisor smile and relax a bit.
  2. They ALWAYS thank me for taking the time.

Isn’t that the key? TAKING THE TIME to change our world. One person at a time. Such a small thing and yet it is huge! The funny thing is, I am the winner here because I feel so happy after that. It is one little thing that I can do to change my world into a little better place!

Here’s my challenge to you

Will you join me in the campaign to intentionally thank people for good service? I’m thinking that it doesn’t just stop at the employee and the supervisor. Don’t you think it’s a pretty good guess that they will treat everyone else in their path in a much kinder way as a result of being appreciated?

You might even notice a bit of a spring in your own step as you walk to your car. And we might even catch you smiling throughout the day as you remember how good it felt to bring a bit of beauty to someone else’s day!

Try it. It’s addictive! The only thing it will cost you is a few minutes of time.

You’re not done yet

What if you forward this post to others? Let’s see if we can start a “gratefulness revolution“!

Just share this post on FB and on LI and with your email lists. Think of the possibilities! 🙂

One person at a time…we can begin to change our world for the better! Are you up for the challenge??? I promise you it will be fun!

One more step, please…

Then, go one step further and leave a comment . What do you think about this? Please share your experiences here. With the rest of us. We love to hear your story!

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