Leading from Your Strengths Certified
Leading from Your Strength Certified

Drudge. Drudge

Have you ever felt like something is missing? Like there ought to be more to life than just getting up, doing your daily tasks, going to bed, getting up, and starting all over again. Drudge. Drudge. Same old, same old stuff. Day, after day, after day. What happened to the spring in your step? Where did it go? WHEN did it go? Isn’t there more to life than THIS???

Isn’t it time you did something that will help you move out of this dullness and toward that “thing” you used to be so excited about? That you’ve just never quite followed through on…for whatever reason…and yet it still kinda haunts you? It just won’t “go away.”

You know what I’m talking about. It’s that idea that is always lurking around in the background of your mind. Remember now??? Do you feel a bit of pounding of your heart as you think about it? About what “could have been”? What sidetracked you?

I got sidetracked by college, marriage, a job, a home, children, and even the mission field. All good things, but I always had that lingering feeling that something was missing…something that “defined” me. Something that made me…ME.

Have you ever felt that way?

I first had a dream like that in 1978. And then it got buried. By “life”.

Then…FINALLY…in 2008…I hired a Christian Life Coach and asked him to teach me how to do what he did. It was a new beginning for me. I am now my own boss. And I can choose my own hours and even better than that is the fact that I now get to breathe life into the dreams of others. Just like my coach did for me! He held that vision for me when it would get a bit weak and seemed far away. He held it for me and he encouraged me until the dream is now a reality and I am now a Christian Life Coach, too. Friends and family encourage, but any decisions we make affect them, too, so they can’t be unbiased. Their OWN desires get in the way.

Why not do what I did…and follow through on YOUR dream until it becomes a reality.

I’d like to make it a bit easier for you to follow through on that dream toward a new beginning. Commit to three months of coaching (October, November, and December), and enjoy the third month FREE.  (That is a $200 gift. Think of it as a Christmas gift from me to you. I’m handing you $200 toward your dream! If you don’t take advantage of it, it’s like you are just throwing away $200! And that would be sad! You see, no matter what we are doing…dieting…exercising…or learning to move forward in any new direction…it usually takes at least three months to begin to get a consistently forward movement toward that dream to the point that it feels comfortable and “normal” to you.

Maybe your dream is to start your own business like me. Maybe it’s to finally finish that education path you started on so many years ago. Maybe it is to figure out how to get past “overwhelm” in your life. Maybe your dream is to live well on less. Maybe it’s to become the wife that your husband always dreamed of, rather than the overwhelmed, weary, grumpy wretch that meets him at the door each evening. Maybe it’s….well, YOU fill in the blank. What is it that will make you feel more whole? More like God intended?

Don’t delay. This “gift” is a time-sensitive offer; so, I look forward to hearing from you soon. October will be here before we know it. Let’s talk together about that thing that has been in the back of your mind for all these months or years. I’d LOVE to hear what has been “dogging” at your heels. Contact me through the website at loavesandfishescoaching.com and we can arrange a FREE call.  I’ll be happy to answer any of your questions…even my shoe size. 🙂 Through our conversation together,  you can decide if coaching is right for you. AND we can both determine together if we would be a good match…a good team.

By moving forward beginning in October and November, you’ll then receive the month of December ($200 value) FREE. It will be my gift to you. FREE!

I love helping people with new beginnings. And I love giving gifts. Let me bless you this way so you can begin your journey toward new beginnings, just like I did a few years ago!

You don’t want to wait as long as I did to find your true fulfillment in walking in your strengths!


  1. As always an excellent post Pam. Being a counsellor and coach myself I see many people who long to see their dream realised – and sometimes need help to find it again – but what a difference it makes once they CHOOSE to do something about it! I hope lots of people take you up on this great offer Pam. This is a great opportunity – perhaps the gift from God someone has been praying for. Karen

    Comment by Karen mace

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Karen. It’s always good to hear from you…from the other side of the world! 🙂 So glad to see from your posts that God is blessing you by sending you those that are ready to move forward toward healing. You are an amazing counselor and coach. I remember how much you helped me through some tough stuff in Costa Rica when we were at the Spanish Language Institute. And I always appreciate your prayers! Bless you bunches!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  3. Great post, Pam!!! You are such a good writer, and I love the graphics.

    Comment by Ellen

  4. Thanks, Ellen! It’s so good to hear from you. Hopefully, the readers of the blog will get that true sense that life doesn’t have to be a drudgery. We truly can follow through on what has dogged at our feet for years. Things that we have put on the back shelf and tried to forget…yet we continue to have a sense of longing … that SOMETHING is missing.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  5. Good word, Pam. I am glad you followed your dream. Otherwise I would never know you and that would be my lose. Thanks

    Comment by Bill Graybill

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Bill Graybill. You are a fine example of one who follows their dreams. Inspiring!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  7. Wow – that is an extremely generous coaching offer. I hope a lot of people take you up on that. You are a treasure.

    Comment by Kim Avery

  8. You, Kim are such a model of generosity, so your comment means a lot to me. I do so LOVE creating that safe place where women can find ways to UNdrudge their lives and move out of dullness and into a life more like what God intended.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  9. You are so right Pam! Following your dream is terrific! But you have to realize that following your dream has ups and downs. But with patience and persistence you will succeed–at least that is what everyone tells me. So I keep at it. So I keep on keeping on.

    Comment by Arleen Bradley

  10. You are so right Arleen. I’m thinking of the story of Joseph in the Bible. He had a dream and look where it got him…he definitely had lots of downs before he had any ups. He had to be persistent and faithful. Trusting God would do what only God could do. That’s all God requires of us. To be faithful. To walk in integrity one step at a time. Little by little. And we have to give God permission to decide what “success” looks like. I know that for me, I have to have a coach to walk that path with me. To help me to stay focused on the goal and off the daily “downs”…the things that don’t happen the way we hoped they would. Keep looking up, Arleen. God is Big! He is as Big as the Dreams He gives us! 🙂

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  11. I LOVE your story of the success you had personally with Christian life coaching!! What a great testimony!! (I am a coach, too.)

    Comment by Cheryl Cope

  12. Hi Cheryl. Thanks for stopping by. Isn’t God amazing how He orchestrates things so differently than we might think they SHOULD play out? And in HIS timing. Patience and holding that dream…as Joseph did for so many years…and when the time was right…God did over and above anything Joseph could have hoped or imagined. I wonder if he ever wanted to give up? What do you think?

    Comment by Pam Taylor

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