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Leading from Your Strength Certified

I’m Out to Change My World

I’m out to change my world. One person at a time!  Here’s what I just started doing:

When I go to a store & the clerk/cashier is pleasant & helpful (and appreciates my humor):

1. I ask their name.

2. I tell them that I appreciated their (helpfulness or sense of humor or whatever).

3. I ask them for the name of their supervisor so I can tell the supervisor what a good job they did.

4. I ask where I can find their supervisor.


1. I seek out the supervisor.

2. (I smile inwardly as they tense up expecting a complaint.)

3. I tell them that I know that they are used to bad reports about employees, but…

4. I want to give a good report about (NAME) and that I think the employee deserves some kind of reward because they are good for business!


1. I watch the supervisor smile and relax a bit.

2. They ALWAYS thank me for taking the time.

I feel so happy after that.  It is one little thing that I can do to change my world into a little better place!

Here’s my challenge to you: Will you join me in the campaign to intentionally thank people for good service? I’m thinking that it doesn’t just stop at the employee and the supervisor. Don’t you think it’s a pretty good guess that they will treat everyone else in their path in a much kinder way as a result of being thanked?

You might even notice a bit of a spring in your own step as you walk to your car. And we might even catch you smiling throughout the day as you remember how good it felt to bring a bit of beauty to someone else’s day!

Try it. It’s addictive! The only thing it will cost you is a few minutes of time.

Pass this on and let’s see if we can start a “gratefulness revolution“! Share this blog post on FB and on LI and with your email lists. Think of the possibilities! 🙂

One person at a time…we can begin to change our world for the better! Are you up for the challenge??? I promise you it will be fun!

Then, use the comment box below to report back to the rest of us. We want to hear your story!



  1. I LOVE this idea! I have gone out of my way to give a THANKS and have told their managers, but this is a reminder to me, to take the time to do this MORE often! I also think that if we take time to “smile” and “say something nice” to “somebody” each day…it will change our world in a better way! THANKS!

    Comment by Wendy Ruby

  2. Wendy, Thanks so much for your response! I’m not at all surprised to learn that about you…that you go out of your way to give a THANKS. It’s in your nature to do that! 🙂 What an asset you are to Three Eagles Communications! You are so right about the power of a simple smile to change someone’s day for the better! I actually wrote two blog posts about two other benefits of smiling: the first post was about the CHOICE to smile as you go off to sleep actually aids in better sleep…and the other post was about CHOOSING to smile throughout the day actually being a free facelift! I am a believer in the value of smiling and I can see you are too! We can change the world…one person at a time!

    Comment by admin

  3. Smiles and words of gratitude reflect a joyful spirit. The more we smile and express thanks, the more joyful we are … and vice versa. What a lovely circle, isn’t it? Thank you for the reminder and homework assignment, Pam!

    With gratitude and joy!


    Comment by Jory Fisher

  4. Jory, amazing isn’t it? A smile can actually produce a “mindset change”! And it can be healing to the one that gives it as well as the one that receives it. “A joyful heart doeth good like medicine!” Our Creator made the rules and when we follow them, we are blessed to heal and be healed! Very cool! And the words of gratitude just add to the already wonderful blessing! Thanks for connecting Jory! Your joyful spirit is contagious!

    Comment by admin

  5. ……and I bet you come home with a smile on your face, too!!!! It is so much fun to make new friends!!! One of Uncle Jimmy’s sayings was it is much easier to pin a rose on someone than it is a thorn and you both come away feeling better.

    Comment by Ellen

  6. Ellen, you are so right! It feels so good to be a blessing rather than a grumbler! I love your Uncle Jimmy story! Very funny!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  7. Thanks so much for the reminder. I’ve been doing just the opposite, and been in a very “grumbling” state of mind. Just thinking about doing this has brightened my day.

    Comment by Jo

  8. Hi Jo, Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Your response made me smile. I can’t imagine you doing the opposite to people…but I’m glad that the post was uplifting and helpful for mindset adjustment! lol! –Pam

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  9. It’s amazing the difference a little intentionally makes in someone else’s day. Thanks for the reminder.

    Comment by Kim Avery

  10. Hi Kim, It is fun to bless another’s day, huh? Thanks for stopping by to comment!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  11. Great challenge. Makes God’s heart smile. Mine too. I’m in.

    Comment by kinsey

  12. Hi Kinsey, Ahhhhhh….making God’s heart smile…I like that reminder as well. Thanks!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  13. I love this idea, can I share this on my site? I promise to give you full credit.

    Comment by Maquada L. Williams

  14. I love this reminder. You’re right, too often we talk to a manager when we have a complaint. Never when we want to praise someone. I try and make eye contact with those who wait on me in a store. It’s sad to see some will say hello without even looking at you. I’m guessing it’s because we don’t see them! It will definitely lift spirits.

    Comment by Anne Peterson

  15. Yes indeedy, what a delight to have the ability to so easily lift someone else’s spirit. Thanks for stopping by, Anne.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

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