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The Everlasting Value of Reading for Children

Little girl reading on a couch

The magical reading place

My mother was ill much of my young life and died when I was 12 years old. Yet, even now, some of my fondest childhood memories are of her reading to us, while sitting on the floor in a narrow hallway beside a bookcase crammed with books. She loved books. She loved reading to us out loud. And I “caught” that from her.

As she read with joy and passion, the words cascaded down upon us,  like a refreshing waterfall on a hot day. That narrow hallway  became a magical place. Her joy when reading was palpable. And contagious!

I continued her wonderful tradition

When God blessed me with my own children, it was natural for me to read to them, too–first from children’s picture books.  Later, I also read my Bible out loud, so they would begin to love it like I do. I wanted them to “catch” the love of books and the wondrous places they can take you. There’s a whole world of new adventures and new friends always waiting.  You never have to be lonely.

My children, too, learned to love to read and to love to learn, as I did. And the tradition continued with my children’s children, proving that reading for children has everlasting value. We all know that children “catch” from our examples, more than they are “taught” by what we say.


Motherhood is an adventure. There was so much I did not know, having an ill, often absent (in the hospital) mother much of my young life. And then, one day, she went home to be with the Lord she loved so much. My whole life, and into my parenting journey, I have longed to have a Mother to mentor me. I did not have that. Treasure it if you do!

I was married 12 years before God sent us our first “bundle of joy”. And—since over the years, I had observed so many other parents with their children—I naturally thought it would be a cinch to make it all work. Through observation, I believed I had become an “expert”. What I did not know is how different it is behind the closed doors of the home.

Ha! Was I ever surprised when I had opportunity to practice what I thought I knew. It was nothing like what I had planned in my head. I learned by doing. And just because I thought I did pretty well in getting the hang of raising my daughter, when God sent a son, was I ever surprised that I was back to square one again: TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON GOD for WISDOM! Did you know that boys and girls are totally different? I mean–forgetting the obvious differences—they are different in EVERYTHING!!! My mother would have told me that, but she was with Jesus. So it became trial and error.


It is delightful and it is terrifying, being responsible for another human being who is totally dependent on you, as a baby. And then, to gradually “let go” and encourage them to be an individual…gradually working ourselves out of a job, so to speak. That is tough. And then when they literally leave home to begin their own lives, maybe first at college and then maybe in marriage. Letting go. THAT is really a learning experience. So many opportunities to trust God and to grow spiritually.

Becoming a Mentor Life Coach

Many years later, actually, in my old age, and after many different occupations, I trained to become a life coach. It felt so natural. Like being “home” in my skin. Like being the person I had wished I had had in my own life. A mentor Mom. So, when I finished my coach training, and began actually coaching, my biggest goal was to pass on what I learned through the school of hard knocks to other women. Those with children and those without. ( I had been barren for 12 years). I wanted to share what I did right in every area of my life, and even more importantly—looking back—what I did wrong. Often our best lessons are learned through our mistakes. And I made plenty of them. Just ask my kids and my friends.

Reader turns author

And, now I am on a new adventure. I have always loved writing stories. Now, I found I can mentor through coaching, but I can also mentor through the written word. I can teach and encourage through my writing. First, just a blogger and now a published author. I have authored 8 books available on Amazon and have contributed to 3 more. And I’m currently working on 2 more that we hope will be published this year. I have learned that loving to read often leads to the love of writing. What joy I have found in writing books for YOU to read. To encourage and strengthen you. And by the way, 4 are children’s books for you to encourage your children. Re-enforcing the everlasting value of reading for children! To God be the Glory!


What dreams are you holding tight to your chest? I’d love to help. Check out my website. Learn about the value of coaching. The value of having a mentor “mom” to encourage you through life’s changes and challenges. You don’t have to do life alone. In my latest newsletter for the new year, I remind you “Believe this: The 2023 YOU does NOT define the 2024 YOU. Start fresh”. We could do that together. I invite you to sign up for my FREE newsletter and blog. And you can find links to my books there on my website.

Your life CAN become almost “magical”.

Through reading. Through mentoring. Most importantly, through personal prayer and Bible reading—and a deep trust in the Lord to guide you into wisdom for your 2024 path and beyond. You can discover true joy in embracing the possibilities of becoming the best YOU, you can be AND all God intended you to be in Him! To God be the Glory!

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