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The Everlasting Value of Reading for Children

Little girl reading on a couch

The magical reading place
My mother was ill much of my young life and died when I was 12 years old. Yet, even now, some of my fondest childhood memories are of her reading to us, while sitting on the floor in a narrow hallway beside a bookcase crammed with books. She loved books. She loved reading to us out loud. And I “caught” that from her.

As she read with joy and passion, the words cascaded down upon us,  like a refreshing waterfall on a hot day. That narrow hallway  became a magical place. Her joy when reading was palpable. And contagious!

I continued her wonderful tradition
When God blessed me with my own children, it was natural for me to read to them, too–first from children’s picture books.  Later, I also read my Bible out loud, so they would begin to love it like I do. I wanted them to “catch” the love of books and the wondrous places they can take you. There’s a whole world of new adventures and new friends always waiting.  You never have to be lonely.

My children, too, learned to love to read and to love to learn, as I did. And the tradition continued with my children’s children, proving that reading for children has everlasting value. We all know that children “catch” from our examples, more than they are “taught” by what we say.

Catalog of Books for Children by Christian Authors
I’m excited to share this with you: One of my author friends had the wonderful idea of putting together a catalog collection of each of our children’s books. (Be sure to download using the link below.) Twenty children’s books all written by Christian authors. Great suggestions for every child on your list. And of course, I hope one of your choices is my very first published book: Daddy, Daddy! Guess What I Saw Today?  It is a picture book for children, but also hopefully will lead parents and grandparents to re-discover the child-like joy of the simple things you encounter each day. And to see God everywhere in your world.

I have learned that loving to read often leads to the love of writing. What  joy I have found in writing books for YOU to read. To God be the Glory!  (That said,  please also check out my beautiful red cover My Father devotional book for yourself or for that special person on your list.  It is in paperback, and now is also available in Kindle version. YAY!)

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