Leading from Your Strengths Certified
Leading from Your Strength Certified

Encouragement: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Encouragement is the gift that keeps on giving. I just read about a research study that was used to measure the effects of rejection/discouragement. They administered the same I.Q. test twice…to the same group of people.

The first test was administered and graded. That same group of people were then exposed to a period of being rejected and discouraged. That was followed by the second test. It is reported the scores were 25 to 30 points LOWER after being exposed to the negative atmosphere.

As Christians, this is a helpful reminder. Life is hard enough without being energy drainers to the people in our world. Being discouraging and judgmental seems to be a default setting…unless we make a conscious choice otherwise.

I find myself wishing that the research people had given the test a third time…after a period of encouragement.

We are called by God to encourage one another, and all the more as the day of Christ’s return draws near. Giving encouragement is definitely a choice. And we can give the gift of that choice even if we feel the person doesn’t “deserve” it. This is a good place to remind ourselves that when we offer good to someone, Jesus is pleased …He goes so far as to say that He views it as a gift to HIM personally…it is as though we are offering it to Jesus Himself.

Jesus also says the opposite is true. If we fail to give the good, He is not pleased and He views it as failing to bless Him as well.

A Christian coach reminds us to take the higher road. To believe in our skills and talents. Others may minimize us, but a coach maximizes us…refusing to focus on what is wrong, but rather to encourage what is skill and talent and good about us. I have noticed that just having that safe place to process my world and to “clear” (without being judged…but rather encouraged to look deep inside myself to find the solution…that solution that pleases the Lord) empowers me to rise above the negativity around me and within me. It is an energy gainer to have a Christian coach. It’s an encouragement to our very soul (our mind, our will, and our emotions).

I can be that safe place for you to discover ways to rise above the negativity and turn those energy drainers into energy gainers. The introductory call is a gift to you—to give you an opportunity to discover the wonderful world of Christian coaching and what it can mean in your life. Questions? Contact me at loavesandfishescoaching.com . We can schedule a time for a free inquiry call to talk about the gift that keeps on giving.


  1. Awesome, awesome word of wisdom!!! And SO like you!!! Anyone who has you for a coach is BLESSED!!

    Comment by Kris

  2. OOOOH, so much trueth to this. It can be applied to so many situations.

    Comment by June

  3. Pam – I took the time to read the first 2 blogs I saw. You write well! Just last night I spent several minutes looking through my “Feel Good” file – a literal file where I put notes, cards, etc. that made me feel good. It’s amazing how many of them were from you! You definitely have the gift of encouragement, and it is one to be treasured. God used you to bless me in my work. Thank you! – Gaye

    Comment by Gaye Scott

  4. Shalom from Jerusalem – You obviously have a great gift for teaching – Keep up the “Good work”

    Comment by Christian Gifts from Jerusalem

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