Leading from Your Strengths Certified
Leading from Your Strength Certified

Are You Living an Orchestra Life?

I live in a resort town. The population seems to double each summer. Actually, it’s like being on vacation all year long here in Clear Lake, Iowa. The town is overflowing with choices for entertainment and enrichment consistently from January through December every year.

One of those summer choices is the Municipal “Orchestra”. (It’s really a band, but for the purpose of the article, I’m calling it an orchestra.) They perform Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons from the band shell in the City Park downtown. Lovely.

Last weekend I sat in my lawn chair relaxing and enjoying the view of the lake and the beauty of the sounds. There was a gentle breeze. All was “well” with the world there in the park in Clear Lake. And…then…God showed up!!! Not just in the music, though He was evidently there as well…but He had a lesson He wanted me to learn in a fresh way. Amazing how He does that when we aren’t expecting it!

“When the trumpeters and singers were as one(emphasis mine)…the glory of the LORD filled the house of God.”–2 Chronicles 5:13-14.

Music played a big part in the Bible. God used music to call people to worship and to send them to war, to soothe ragged emotions and to ignite spiritual passion, to celebrate victories and to mourn losses.

Some will lead the music and some will follow the leader. The better each one knows their parts, and the better they each follow the conductor, the more beautiful the music.

I began to see how the “orchestra” playing before me was an object lesson. Like families. Like the church. Each has a particular sound. Each has a particular duty. A particular “gift” to share. Each is unique. Separately, they would not have the same effect as they do all working together as one.

So my question to you is: Are you living an “orchestra” life? Are you trying to live your life on your own, without following the leadership of the “Conductor” of our souls? The Lord God, the Creator of that music, calls you to join His “orchestra” and learn your “part” really well, so you can share in creating the beautiful music…merely a foretaste of what Heaven will be like.

Awaiting His shout with you…

Let me hear from you…we are in this together!


  1. Good observation-Great word. Keep it up Pam. I need to reengage in the orchestra and quit doing the solo work. šŸ™‚

    Comment by Bill Graybill

  2. Bill Graybill…Out of necessity, writing a book is solo work. That book…your gift to the Body of Christ…is completed and published, so you are free indeed to reengage in the orchestra! Woo Hoo! BTW…Feel free to attach a link here on my blog, Bill!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  3. What a good analogy! I love how the Lord can take everyday life and turn it into a wonderful teaching. May we all allow him to conduct our life in such a way that we are in harmony with one another.

    Comment by Dawn Edwards

  4. Yeah, me too, Dawn! YOU are so good at that! It was an amazing awareness of the Lord’s presence during the concert. It was so peaceful, sitting viewing the lake and the sunset…while listening to the “orchestra”…very cool! They perform on a level of amazing professionalism. We are very fortunate in Clear Lake. AND the concerts are FREE besides!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  5. Great metaphor! Well said!

    Comment by Ellen

  6. Thanks, Ellen! Glad you liked it! Do you have anything like that available near you? (Free outdoor orchestra concerts)

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  7. What wonderful insight. God gave you such clarity.

    Comment by Cindy Lehs

  8. Thanks, Cindy. I like it when I’m actually listening to what God is teaching. I think I miss it more often than I hear it! šŸ™‚

    Comment by Pam Taylor

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