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Leading from Your Strength Certified

Don’t Quit! Joseph… A Story of Success… via Blood, Sweat and Tears

Have you heard a version of Anything worthwhile is worth fighting for. Worth waiting for?

I know that’s not a happy thought that success comes via blood, sweat and tears, but it seems especially necessary to say that today. The media would have us believe that we “deserve” success. When we get a college degree, we “deserve” a job. And not just a job, but a job starting at the top. Because we are “qualified”, right? Isn’t that the way it works? Or maybe we believe that when we start our own business, the clients/customers will flock to us. Because we did the right things, so of course we will realize our dreams complete and full…immediately. Right? That when we do the right thing, all falls into place. Blog posts tell us that. Facebook and Twitter posts all claim that if we buy their program, we will get skinny, we will grow new hair on that bald spot, and we will be able to run a marathon if we eat the right energy bar. That’s what we hear from all forms of media. But…is it true???

My inspiration today is the story of Joseph in the Bible. Joseph had a dream. Have you had a dream? Are you continuing to pursue it, or did you quit when it got hard or took too long?

You know the story. Joseph was his Dad’s favorite. And his brothers knew that. It was way too obvious. So, when they got a chance, they got even. Not with the Dad who chose him as favorite, but with Joseph. They tried to eliminate their problem. They wanted him out of the way. The only problem was, even though the Dad thought Joseph was dead, Joseph was STILL his favorite. The empty space at the table was NOT occupied by another. His Dad’s heart was very sad. And none of the other sons became the favorite in his place. So what did they accomplish by taking matters into their own hands?

What about Joseph? At the hands of his brothers, Joseph suffered bullying, abuse, betrayal and great loss; and at the hands of others, he suffered slavery.

He waited. (What else could he do under the circumstances?) But somehow, Joseph never seemed to see himself as “under the circumstances”. He believed in a BIG GOD. THE big God!

Then, he began to find the Favor of the Lord. And he kept his integrity. He faithfully walked honorably, even when tempted to take the lower road to destruction.

He took the higher road to the Favor of God. Those appointed to keep him in line saw clearly God’s favor or him and they appointed him to positions of leadership. And they indirectly received God’s Favor through Joseph. But betrayals and disappointments continued. And he remained a man of integrity. No matter how much power he was given, he remained a man of God. A man faithful to the Lord’s ways.

And the final outcome? Remember his outrageous dream that his brothers hated him for? Hated him enough to try to get rid of him forever…

Well, that dream came true and they literally owed their lives to him…the one they had sought to destroy was later their rescuer.

Blood, sweat and tears…walking that faithful life with our eyes on the Lord of the blood, sweat and tears…not giving up…but going forward…one step at a time. Little by little. Trusting the God of the outcome.  A heart on fire for Him.

Now THAT is “success”! That is God’s definition of “success” and that is where the joy lies. Peace that passes understanding. Don’t quit. Press on. Press through. Keep looking up to the Creator of real success…via blood, sweat and tears!

Easy? No! But ask Joseph someday: “Was it worth it?” And I have a feeling he will shout out, “Yes! Undoubtedly, YES!”

Do you have a dream you haven’t yet followed through on?


  1. THANKS SO MUCH PAM for this most awesome story and reminder to not quit and keep on keeping on!!! I love Joseph and this story! I’ll have to show you the invention the Lord gave to me through the story of Joseph of many colors.It’s been patented and after four long years, it is finally done and under a pilot program right now.

    Soon…let’s get together and I’ll share!

    Comment by wendy ruby

  2. Wendy Ruby, YES! I would LOVE to see your invention. You’ve got me really curious. Glad the blog reminded you to NOT quit. God is indeed the blessed controller of all things. ALL things! This story of Joseph is such a great reminder of that.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  3. Good one, Pam. I hope you send to BO and his crew.

    Comment by Ellen

  4. Ellen, so good to hear from my faithful commentor. 🙂 Bless you bunches for your continued encouragement and support. And no, this has not been sent on to any politicians, but feel free if the spirit leads. lol.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  5. Thank you for a wonderful reminder of patient endurance and faithfulness. You hit the nail on the head about how real success is measured. God is much more concerned with the condition of our heart than the success of our business. The blood, sweat, and tears build character, dependency, and faith. “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith who for the joy set before Him endured the cross.” Heb. 12:2

    Comment by Kinsey Oglesby

  6. Kinsey Oglesby, How very true: “The blood, sweat, and tears build character, dependency, and faith.” He is indeed most concerned about the condition of our hearts than about what we think success is. And the Hebrews Scripture you shared is one of my favorites! Thanks so much for stopping by for a chat, Kinsey. It’s good to hear from you!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  7. Another great post from my friend and colleague Pam Taylor. Thank you, lovely lady, for pressing on and not quitting yourself! Yes, there may be times when we DO need to quit something, but certainly not when that “something” is part of our God-given design and purpose. You are such a visionary. Carry on! 🙂


    Comment by Jory Fisher

  8. Thanks Jory. You are so right! Pressing on and not quitting on that God-given plan and purpose. ESPECIALLY when it gets tough…like it most certainly did for Joseph. So true. Thanks for stopping by. It’s good to hear from you! 🙂

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  9. The story of Joseph is one of my favorites. He reminds us that faithfulness and integrity wins against all odds!

    Comment by Cheryl Thomas

  10. Dear Pam,
    Thanks for this wonderful reminder to keep having “outrageous dreams” that only GOD can bring about!!! You know the dream for my family that I am pursuing with God. Rather He gives me that “desire of my heart” or not, JESUS HIMSELF will be with me and that is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are a precious sister. Thanks for your continuing prayers and encouragement.

    Comment by Sharen

  11. We do indeed follow the God of “Outrageous Dreams”…I wait with you as you await the fulfillment of yours. Awaiting His shout with you!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  12. We do feel entitled don’t we? Even worse is the generation of teens coming into their own today! I know a few teens that need to read this blog…my own two teens would benefit.
    I pray to have just a tad of the patience Joseph had…and learn to wait my turn and let God work in my life. Thanks for a great reminder!

    Comment by Deb

  13. Hi Deb,
    What Fun! Feel free to pass this on to those teens you mentioned. 🙂 Ahhh…yes…the “waiting” on God…Now, there’s the “Joseph test”!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  14. It’s been 26 years since God first gave me ‘the dream’. I’m still waiting for His timing, but meanwhile what He has done in my life is amazing. Through so many years of tragedy, testing and pain God has been changing me, preparing me and teaching me. I wouldn’t have it any other way. And my faith in His promise is stronger than ever.

    Comment by Ann

  15. Hi Ann, Thanks for stopping by to share a bit of your testimony. Sounds a lot like Joseph’s story. So glad to hear that your faith is strong. Bless you bunches! I’d love to hear more about your dream & what it would for it to become a reality.

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  16. I love you definition of success: a heart on fire for Him!

    Comment by Cheryl Cope

  17. Hi Cheryl Cope, Thanks for stopping by to comment. Success…a heart on fire for Him…a heart preparing for eternity! What an adventure, huh?

    Comment by Pam Taylor

  18. Love this story. And you did a great job telling it! I kept thinking – “trust”. That is what Joseph had. Great trust in His God. I pray for this kind of trust especially when others treat me badly. Thanks for the reminder.

    Comment by Cindy Short

  19. Hi, Cindy Short. Trust. Yes, great word to describe Joseph’s responses to his circumstances. Hoping with you that we can respond to all our “test” with the same level of trust as well. Thanks for stopping by!

    Comment by Pam Taylor

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