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Leading from Your Strength Certified

God’s Wedding Vows

Is it time to renew your wedding vows with the Lord? Or is it time to finally make that commitment to the Savior? What are God’s wedding vows?
The Lord beckons us to relationship with Him. He’s always wooing us to become His own. Since before you were born, He has loved you. He is continually seeking to get your attention. When you awaken in the night, He is in the middle of a thought about you. Doesn’t that knowledge make you want to dig into His Word (the Holy Bible)…the place where He shows you (over and over) the stories of how He relates to His people. To you. You are “His people”. Love Him back. It’s that easy. His Word (The Bible) will tell you how to do that.
If you have loved Him in the past and now your love has grown cold, renew your “wedding vows” with the lover of your soul. He longs for His “called out ones”… His Bride…to intentionally maintain the relationship with Him.
You’ve heard the song, “I have decided to follow Jesus”? Yes, it is a decision. One you will never regret. Will your life be easy after that decision? Most likely, no! But why would we expect our life to be easier than the One (Jesus) who gave His ALL for us. The New Testament books will explain that in ways that will draw you to Him.
I heard a song on the radio and don’t know the title/artist or the exact words, but it goes something like this: God loves you and made you for the pleasure of knowing you. God made you for the pleasure of loving you.
How can we resist an offer like that? Even with all your warts and even with all the baggage of your past the Creator God thinks that knowing you  is a pleasure. And…that loving you is a pleasure. No strings attached. All He wants is your heart.
Would you like to have God in the center of all of your life? Would you like to talk about ways to make that happen? I know where you can find a good Christian Life Coach to help you with the process of discovering who you can be in Christ. 🙂

To learn more about God’s wedding vows what that can mean to you personally, contact me at  loavesandfishescoaching.com


  1. God’s love: consistent, deeper, wider, higher than we can ever imagine, wrapping us around and keeping us through whatever might come our way – the good and the not so good! Thanks Pam.

    Comment by Karen Mace

  2. Found this on Google and I’m happy I did. Interesting article.

    Comment by Click n Bank

  3. Good to hear from you. I can’t help but wonder what part was interesting to you. Are you already one of His own? Or are you thinking of making that commitment for the first time? I discovered the beauty of personal relationship with the Living Christ in my late 20’s and immediately knew He was what I had been searching for all my life. I began then to devour the Bible because I wanted to discover everything about my Lord as soon as possible. It was an immediate love-affair! Has it been easy since then? No. But I have discovered that He is more than enough to meet our every need. Have you found that to be true in your life? As Karen from Healing Place Ministries has also found…He helps us through the good and the not so good as well. He is the lover of your very SOUL and He wants to have you with Him throughout eternity.

    Comment by admin

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