Leading from Your Strengths Certified
Leading from Your Strength Certified

The Lord Is My Shepherd

Psalm 23 reminds us that “The Lord is My Shepherd. I shall not want”. (Meaning: I have all I need.) That’s what The Lord God wants us to know.

With Him as our Shepherd/Lord, we lack nothing that we need. He is enough to meet our every need. Key word = need. He is Faithful and True. He longs to hear us say, “I trust You, Lord, to give me everything I need.” If it’s a new thought, keep saying it until you believe it. It may take time, but believing it brings freedom from the enslavement of continually striving for more! If you have questions, contact me at loavesandfishescoaching.com  If I don’t know the answer, I’ll find someone who does!

I shall not want. The pain of life comes from wanting more than we have. Wanting to the point of distraction and discontent and sometimes even anger or bending the rules. It sometimes gets us into a lot of unnecessary debt, because…after all…we deserve it, right? It is a hard habit to break away from thinking that if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will?

How do we conquer the wanting more demon? It takes a mindset change. A Christian life coach can help. But, it also takes spending time regularly in His Word (The Bible) to keep remembering that He is sufficient. All things are possible with the Lord.

It is a statement of confidence in the Lord when we conquer that wanting more demon. Discover contentment. I’d love to help you as you move toward that truly good life of trusting God as the Good Shepherd. He truly wants what’s best for you!


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