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Leading from Your Strength Certified

Who is the Master of Your Fate?

I remember learning a poem about being the Master of my fate when I was in school. The poem has stuck with me throughout my life. For many years, it confused me because I thought, “If I truly am the master of my fate, why can’t I make my life work right?”

The February 10 devo published by Haven Ministries started me thinking about “fate” and “masters” again.

“Society teaches us constantly that we are the masters of our destiny, that we are what we make of ourselves, that we write the script. Knowing Jesus Christ as our Savior, however, shows us otherwise. Christianity is not about me and what I make of myself; it’s about Christ and what He has done for me. He is the author of my faith;…all my days were ordained in His Book before a single one of them came to be.”

In the Bible, Jeremiah 10:23 states: “I know, O LORD, that a man’s life is not his own; it is not for man to direct his steps.”

The devo goes on: “Those lessons come to us over time when our best-laid plans fail and we are forced down other paths. Instead of feeling that we write the story of our lives, we see that every day is a journal page – a record of all the Lord has done for us. He is the author of our lives! With our eyes fixed on Him (not ourselves), He carries us through and writes us into the wondrous plan of His Kingdom.”

So, have you come to terms with who truly is the master of your fate and the author of your life story? Maybe it’s time to do what I finally did: surrender all that to the Creator God and trust that “Father knows best.” Because He truly does! 🙂

You whole life will take a turn for the better as peace and joy shows up in your life on a routine basis because you realize that God’s “got your back”.

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  1. God has given humans freedom to make their own choices. But what people forget is that God is our creator. He created us with both intention and purpose. We can strive for another destiny, but it will never be right or quite fit us. It will never give us the deep satisfaction of doing and fulfilling what we were created for. That is why you are so right, “Father knows best”.

    Comment by Dean Hess

  2. Thanks for that, Dean. Good reminder that God intentionally chose the way He designed each of us…all for the purpose of what He has chosen for us, that will give us the greatest satisfaction and joy.

    Comment by admin

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    Comment by Philly

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