Leading from Your Strengths Certified
Leading from Your Strength Certified

Why Do We Need Revivals? Why Do We Need Life Coaches?

Why do we need revivals? “Revivals are a new surge of spiritual life. The return of something to its true purpose,” says David Jeremiah. 

Why do we need revivals? Revivals are not for God. They are for His creation. He knows we are incomplete unless we are complete in Him. So, he allows us to feel empty so He can fill us up.

Many times, our decisions are made in the heat of our emotions being stirred up. Maybe it is a television commercial or an end-aisle store display that causes us to see something and we believe that we just have to have it! The crash of the Target store website over their new product line is proof of that. The resultant anger of the people that were unable to purchase what they saw was a sad commentary on what we have become. Wouldn’t a revival transform our thinking about what we consider to be a life-or-death matter?

Why do we need revivals? How many times have we been to a church service or a seminar and made a commitment in the midst of an emotional setting? How many times do we have to “go forward” in an emotional response before we “really” mean it? Maybe we make plans to be more organized with our time or nicer to our family or we promise to “have devotions” every day as opposed to hit-and-miss, willy-nilly.

How many times do we promise ourselves that we will eat healthy after we see a program on the dangers of making a habit of eating from the fast food lane? How many things do we start with good intentions, only to get shipwrecked along the way and then just plain quit?

Many of our commitments are made in emotional settings for emotional reasons. Then, when the emotion passes, the commitment wanes. David Jeremiah says that he used to “have a revival every summer at camp”. J Can you relate to that? Maybe it wasn’t summer camp for you. Maybe it was a ladies’ retreat, or a men’s Promise Keepers event or something similar.

What can we do to prevent our commitments from only lasting as long as the Israelites while Moses was on the mountain getting the 10 commandments from God? Do we see God move in our lives and then go back to our usual pattern of life? Maybe—like the Israelites—in about 40 days?

Our lives are hectic and busy and it’s hard to focus. It is easy to lose sight of what is truly important. It is easy to let the temporal overshadow the eternal and forget why we are here on this planet at this time in history. What does Creator God have in mind for us to be and to do?

Why do we need life coaches? Christian life coaches are especially trained to help you keep that vision…that desire to live your best life…to live in your God-given strengths, rather than in defeat and frustration at not having kept your commitments when you felt revival stir in you. We help you hold that conviction when it begins to wane. We come alongside you as a type of cheerleader…like Barnabas in the New Testament. Encouraging and cheering you on to be your God-given best self. To be all He intended you to be. A coaching relationship helps you maintain your commitment goals.

Let’s talk about how that can be a reality in YOUR life! J


  1. Gift Memories:
    Pam, I remember that you gave me many of the things that Gail, and maybe someone else, had made for your dorm room at the University of Delaware. I used every one for years. I LOVED your UofD sweat shirt and by the time I finally discarded it my old friend was coverd with paint and full of holes. I hated to part with it, but felt it was the most practical thing to do.
    Then there was your bright red bedspread. I used it in my college dorm for 2 1/2 years and cherished it because it had been yours, besides that it was a really nice bedspread. I do not remember when I passed that on, but I finally did.
    I still use the suqare plastic box coverd with blue and red striped fabric and the little pom pom on top to store pins. I think of you each time I use it. I have a warm little thought for the cousin I admired as a teenager. I remember sitting on that swing on your front porch, riding around with you, and feeling like I was too cool to have a “city cousin” who went to the same school. It’s fun to use gifts and think of people we love and then thank God for putting them in my life for a season or a lifetime.
    Thoughts on God’s gifts:
    Our dear Luminita is really growing up now. God gave us the most wonderful “little light” when He let us be her mom and dad. However, when she first came home from California we had a moment of two of typical parenting experience where she did not seem to appreciate some things we had done for her. We made some suggestions, and John had his feelings hurt because she was not taking his suggestions. He was just very hurt. Anyway, I said to him, I guess that is how God feels when we don’t aprreciate the wonderful gifts he gives us each day. He thought about that for a while and then seemed to realize what I was saying. Our little frustrating time has passed, and she is back to her normal, wonderful self again. God has blessed us with four good, loving girls.
    I look at our beautiful world and count my blessings most days, but sometimes the emotional, selfish side takes over, and I forget the blessings, feel sorry for myself, and get all uptight over something stupid.

    Comment by Ellen

  2. Ellen,

    What a beautiful post. And what a lovely trip down memory lane. Thank you for taking the time. What a blessing!

    And…I love the Luminita story and the reminder that God get sad when we don’t appreciate Him and His gifts to us, just like we humans get sad when our children don’t express gratefulness and respect and honor.

    Awaiting His shout, Pam

    Comment by Pam

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