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Leading from Your Strength Certified

God’s Love Letter to You!

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God does the choosing

“God’s choice of you was not rooted in your usefulness, but in His sovereign love, displayed in the perfect obedience and atoning sacrifice of His Son who took on weakness and shame. You were not useful TO Christ—you are made useful IN Christ.”—Anchor Devotional. (emphasis mine)

He chose YOU to love

He wants you to love Him back. And, that actually happens when you read His love letter written especially for you and to you, His beloved! And when we love, we also want to be known and to be wanted and to be useful, right? The very best way to do that is to read His love letter to you–in its entirety. Don’t miss a word of what He wants to say to you!

Read through the Bible in 2022

No study guide or special homework. Just encouragement in the journey as you choose your own plan to read through the Bible in 2022. Becoming “equipped” to BE more useful…

The point is to do it!

It is a choice. Use any plan you like. Choose to read through or even choose to listen through–as some are doing. Great blessings await you when you practice this discipline.

And, if you already are doing this anyway each year, try a new version of the Bible for a fresh look and some fresh insights.

4 Benefits

  1. The WHOLE counsel of GOD is necessary to observe and learn how it ALL fits together, rather than just picking and choosing your favorite parts.
  2. The WORD of GOD provides wisdom and understanding for daily living. Sometimes you receive a direct word and other times you learn from an example provided in the text.
  3. JESUS IS THE WORD. Reading the WHOLE WORD of GOD helps you know Him better each day. He was with God in the beginning. He is, was, and always will be the very Word made flesh. He came and dwelt among us for a season. Now He is with God interceding for us.
  4. We learn to know on a personal level–Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. And we become acquainted with His BEST plan for living the life of a Follower of Jesus Christ. It takes time and effort to develop that relationship. Reading the Word daily gives us the wisdom to know how to live out the Christian life that honors God, our Father.

When to get started

Now is the best time to start a Bible Reading plan. Today.

My plan

I am choosing to read two Old Testament chapters and one New Testament chapter each day; and on Sunday, I read a Psalm or two, along with the 2 Old Testament chapters…rather than the New Testament. That plan should get me through the whole Bible in a year!

5 Options

    1. Some are reading a new version of the Bible. This is my first time reading from New Living Translation. It can give a fresh perspective when you change to an unfamiliar translation. There are LOTS of options.
    2. Or read your familiar version. That is also a great idea! There is no right or wrong version. Just choose one and take the plunge.
    3. Some are listening to an audio version, because they are audio learners …. or they can listen while they travel to work in their car, for instance.
    4. One person I know is writing out in her own handwriting what she is reading. She says it helps her concentrate on the text better.
    5. I found this example through a Google search: NIV Reading Plans

There are all kinds of options out there for you. Just choose something and get started. TODAY!

Don’t try to make up for missed days.

Just start today and finish a year from now. Don’t get legalistic or bogged down or discouraged if you miss a day or so. Just pick up where you left off and keep going. All is well. Give yourself GRACE. Missing a day is not the end of the world. Just START and then take one day at a time. Before you know it, you will be finishing up your plan by reading Revelation!!! YAY for you!

Until next time…

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