Leading from Your Strengths Certified
Leading from Your Strength Certified

The View from My Window

Illustration of man walking dog

A man and his dog

This morning as I gazed out my apartment window, I noticed a man leisurely walking his dog on a leash. They made such a peaceful and fun picture together.that i lingered at the window awhile, just enjoying them.

All was leisurely and calm, UNTIL…

they got within view of the bank parking lot. Then, that sweet docile creature on the leash changed from docile to ALERT. Ears perked up and the dog was on a mission.


I was literally laughing out loud at the funny antics. The roles reversed and it looked like the dog was walking the man who could barely hold onto the leash. He was being dragged straight up to the drive-through window.


My local bank has a bowl of doggie treats at the drive-through window.

The treat was received

and peace returned. The dog was calm again. He was enjoying his treat. The man looked relieved.

So, let’s think about our relationship to our Lord and Savior

Oh, to be that enthusiastic for the TREAT of feasting on Your Word, Lord. Give us that passion and sense of mission, letting nothing hold us back!


Dear friend, may it be said of you and me that the treat of the Scriptures daily calms us as our furry friend was calmed with his treat!

To God be the glory!

Daddy, Daddy! Guess What I Saw Today?

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Awaiting His shout,

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