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God, Where Are You?

Homeless Man in Subway

The disciples wanted to know the answer to that question. They thought they had it all figured out.
Their Savior (from the Romans) had arrived and would conquer their enemy. But, then He died. He left them. Why? Why did He leave them? How could they ever go on without Him? How could they have been so wrong about Him? He died! And worse yet, they thought someone must have stolen His body from the tomb! They were lost. They were purposeless. Can you relate? I know I can!

And then, He appeared ALIVE in their midst

“The touching part of this story is where and how Jesus appears…He doesn’t call the disciples to the temple, or to some other place to see Him. He comes to them where they are, both literally and spiritually. He shows them that He’d kept His promises.” – Anchor devo, July 2022

I love that Jesus meets us where we are, just as we are. No pretense. In real life right where we are, spiritually and literally.

Object lessons

God is faithful to send object lessons along the way in order to solidify any lessons He is currently teaching us. Often, for me, it comes in the form of a song, a devotional, a comment from a friend, a radio Bible lesson, or a movie. And often, it comes in all of those things one after another. I guess I am a bit dense, so He has to repeat His messages to me in multiple ways. THIS week, it is about God meeting me right where I am.

Movie title

The title of this post is actually the title of a movie I watched this week: God, Where Are You? The man—the subject of the story–had been on top of the word. Famous. Rich. With lots of “friends” and admirers. And then his world totally fell apart and he was homeless, filthy, hungry, and absolutely alone.

Kindness reminders

The movie is actually a great reminder of our mission on earth. To help those God sends our way to see that God does indeed meet us right where we are. Everyone. Always. We don’t have to wait to be (almost) perfect, in order to help others (as we discussed last week in the post.) To LISTEN to their story. To feed them when they are hungry. To NOT TAKE OFFENSE when they get angry with our lame attempts to help. To be PATIENT with them in their inability to trust that we don’t have a hidden agenda in our helping them. There are so many lessons in this movie. I hope you will take the time to find it online and watch it with an open heart to what God might be teaching you through it. We all need kindness reminders that God is in our midst. Always. Sometimes the smallest act is exactly what is needed to begin a mindset shift.

A dark tunnel

One of the characters is a woman that had found her way out of the dark tunnel of homelessness. Malachi encourages each of his “customers” (as he refers to them) to keep a gratefulness journal and to write down each thing that BY CHOICE they are grateful for. This woman had learned “Being grateful for all that I have is the biggest step to get away from what I didn’t have”.

It reminded me of life coaching. Yes, it is important to look at the past because it made us what we are today, but it is important to not stay there. Rather, to look to the present and what we can be grateful for and then to look forward to what is possible. To NOT GIVE UP!


So when we ask: “God, where are you?” He responds: “I am right here with you every moment. Look for Me and you will find Me!”

All things are possible…

ALL things are possible. All THINGS are possible. All things ARE possible. All things are POSSIBLE. Always! To God be the Glory! Don’t give up!

Gratefulness Journal

Those of you who know me well, know that I have kept an Ebenezer (Thus far God has led me) Journal every since I went through a very difficult crossroads. It can be like throwing a life raft to a drowning person. To choose to walk in an attitude of gratitude and keep a gratefulness journal to read when you go through dry seasons…as a reminder of what He has done and so will do again! To help those God sends our way, to see that God does indeed meet us right where we are. Everyone. Always. Whether we realize it or not. HE is faithful. We don’t have to wait to be (almost) perfect…We can start today…

Amen? So be it!

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Make Your Bed. A Book Review.

Make Your Bed book cover

Make Your Bed.
by Admiral William H. McRaven
A Book Review.

This book will make you rethink your life.

Your values. Your dreams. Your possibilities. How many times do we blame someone else or circumstances, whine that life is not fair, or play the victim card? How many times do we believe we can’t do something because it is too hard? How many times do we make excuses, rather than take the bull by the horns and look to God to help us. To follow the dreams that He has given us. To believe He is our strength. To remember that with Him, all things are possible. Here, in this book, are lessons learned in his Navy SEAL training, and taught to us in story form. Like Jesus taught in story form. Lessons taught that way seem to remain with us and inspire us toward action.

Admiral McRaven says change can begin with one simple daily task. Making your bed. If this sounds silly to you, then you most definitely NEED to read this book as soon as possible. Because you are in for a delightful experience of re-thinking…

Big things come in small packages.

Little tasks completed can change your life. They can bring a sense of order and a feeling of accomplishment, which can move you forward and onward with a more positive outlook on your life. These are most certainly tough times. We can feel like the whole world is a mess and yet by implementing these 10 lessons, we can change our lives and maybe our little pieces of the world as well.

Book subtitle: “Little Things That Change Your Life. And Maybe The World”

This is without a doubt, one of the most unique and inspiring books I have ever read. It’s written by Admiral William H. McRaven, (U.S. Navy Retired). The title is: Make Your Bed. The book is small in size (5×7). 130 pages of timeless wisdom. Practical advice. Based on his Navy Seal training. It offers encouragement even in the darkest moments. Admiral McRaven’s bio says he: “served with great distinction in the Navy. In his thirty-seven years as a Navy SEAL, he commanded at every level. As a Four-Star Admiral, his final assignment was a Commander of all U. S. Special Forces. He is now Chancellor of the University of Texas System.” He has something to say that we would be wise to listen to and put into practice.

Here’s a short summary of the treasure you will discover in this powerful book.

Ten Lessons (Chapter titles)

  1. Start Your Day With A Task Completed
  2. You Can’t Go It Alone
  3. Only the Size of Your Heart Matters
  4. Life’s Not Fair—Drive On!
  5. Failure Can Make You Stronger
  6. You Must Dare Greatly
  7. Stand Up to the Bullies
  8. Rise to the Occasion
  9. Give People Hope
  10. Never Ever Quit!

Each chapter tells a story to illustrate the lesson in that chapter.

So…If you want to change the world…

  • Start off by making your bed
  • Find someone to help you paddle
  • Measure a person by the size of their heart
  • Get over being a sugar cookie and keep moving forward
  • Don’t be afraid of the circus
  • Slide down the obstacle head first
  • Don’t back down from sharks
  • Be your very best in the darkest moments
  • Start singing when you are up to your neck in mud
  • Don’t ever ring the bell

Page 103

”Life is full of difficult times. But someone out there always has it worse than you do. If you fill your days with pity, sorrowful for the way you have been treated, bemoaning your lot in life, blaming your circumstances on someone or something else, then life will be long and hard. If, on the other hand, you refuse to give up on your dreams, stand tall and strong against the odds—then life will be what you make of it—and you can make it great. Never, ever, ring the bell!

“Remember…start each day with a task completed. Find someone to help you through life. Respect everyone. Know that life is not fair and that you will fail often. But if you take some risks, step up when times are toughest, face down the bullies, lift up the downtrodden, and never, ever give up—if you do these things then you can change your life for the better…and maybe the world!”

Commencement Speech

The book ends with the May 17, 2014 University of Texas Commencement Speech. The University slogan is “What starts here changes the world.” The speech is super inspiring. And down-to-earth … exactly where we all live. The book is based on that speech.

He said that on that night 8,000 students were graduating from that University. And if every one changed the lives of 10 people, in five generations (125 years), 800 million lives would be changed! It’s the little things that build up and make a difference. And, if you are a Christ follower, you also have the power of the Holy Spirit to guide you. So, what are we waiting for?

Final thoughts

First of all, I recommend you purchase the book. And read it more than once. And gift it to many! What a great graduation gift it would make.

All my life I have made my bed every morning. It really, really is a powerful way to begin the day. I never knew WHY until reading this book. It makes sense that it is a perfect way to give yourself an immediate sense of order and accomplishment. Our God is a God of order. This is a way to reflect Him from the very start of your day.

When all strung together, it is the multitude of small things accomplished throughout the day, every day,”that can change your life and maybe the world.”

This is an amazing little (but POWERFUL) book with lessons taught through STORY. Enjoy! And pass it on…

Personality and Jesus

Do you know who God created you to be? Have you ever stopped to think about how your personality affects the way you interact with others? Find out more in this new book by Pamela A. Taylor.

Personality and Jesus

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