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Leading from Your Strength Certified

Do You Have Test Anxiety?

Have you ever suffered from test anxiety?
There are all kinds of tests. Tests we had for each subject in school. Standardized tests. It is getting to be that time of year for school kids of all ages to take final exams.

There are Real Estate license tests. College entrance tests. Drivers tests. Medical tests. Breathalyzer tests. Etc. Test anxiety is a very real thing for many people. It’s all-consuming and immobilizing. For those who suffer from it, it sucks them down into a black hole of fear and despair.

Feeling turmoil and stress
This season of life on this planet can feel like that sometimes. It seems everything everywhere is in turmoil. Just living your daily life with people, can bring challenges and trials and can feel much like test anxiety. And in a sense, that is exactly what is happening. God gives us “opportunities” to trust Him. God tests us so WE can see how much more we need to grow, judged by our response to the testing. I am thinking of Job in the Bible. He questioned his “friends” and he even wished he had never been born, his testings were so difficult. But the wonderful example Job leaves us is that he never stopped TALKING to GOD. Even when he was confused and in horrible pain and suffering and betrayals from his friends.

It’s hard to concentrate

When we’re going through trials and testings, it can feel overwhelming. We may try to ignore it or we may try to talk ourself out of it. Sometimes we try to drown our sorrows in addictions and bad behavior. Often, we try avoidance by sleeping too much, or maybe we can’t sleep well or long enough each night, which can bring out the worst in us sometimes.

We often then neglect fellowship with God

And that is our biggest error. We become self-focused to the point that we neglect God-time. We neglect the very thing that will make the testing manageable and give us the victory.

It helps to remember this world is not our home

It’s easy to forget that this world is just a temporary residence, while we are in the midst of daily “testing. Yet, in spite of the fear or anxiety, we have a CHOICE to make. We can CHOOSE joy. We can CHOOSE to think before we speak.

We are not victims of our feelings. God has given us the “tools” to rise above the anxiety—to rise above that sense of overwhelm. He says ASK. He says SEEK Him. And then He promises when we seek Him, we WILL certainly find Him! He WANTS to be found by you and me.

CHOOSE this day to focus on God

Choose to be God-focused, rather than problem-focused. Run into the arms of God the Father. He has the answers you need. SEEK HIM in His Word—the Bible—and in prayer.

CHOOSE to TRUST your faithful God

SHOW yourself faithful in the midst of the testing. In the midst of anxiety, He even gives His beloved sleep and peace. He promises,

Ask and you will find Him expectantly waiting for you to come to Him, so He can express His love to you. So he can help you through the testing. The trial. The circumstance.

“I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.”

Philippians 4:13

“Call to Me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”

Jeremiah 33:3

Until next time…

Maranatha. Come Lord Jesus.

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Life’s Constantly Moving Targets. Setting Priorities.

Woman looking at camera

Here we go again.

It is that time of year to begin taking stock of you life. Setting goals. Are there changes you need to make? What do you like/want to keep? What do you want to work on? What do you need help with?

January is just around the corner.

And leading up to January is typically the time for evaluating last year; and for setting fresh priorities for the new year.

Reprioritize your focus.

Setting priorities in the middle of life’s constantly moving targets should probably be done in sound bites rather than all at once. Take time to do it deliberately and with mindfulness. It is just too easy to get discouraged in that “not yet” state of being…So, take it slow and deliberately. Examine family, work, church, play obligations. What goes? What stays?

Ask yourself: most important priority?

The Apostle John teaches (see John 3:1-21) you MUST be born again. It is not an option. It is by God’s design. You can be assured that out of this flows all the power of God to help you accomplish all He has for you. It is not an option. We are each created by His design. Our God knows what is best for each of us individually. For our eternity. This is the starting place and is non-negotiable if you want TRUE success.

What is evidence you are born again?

You become a follower of Jesus. You get to know Him through His Word…the Bible. It is not the words you speak. Or any act you do. It is WHO are you following? WHO is your role model?

What is evidence you are a follower of Jesus?

You long for and have a relationship with Jesus. You look forward to time reading and studying His Word. Memorizing it. The sword of the Spirit. The weapon you can pull out to fight the devil’s discouragement and roadblocks along the paths of life.

You begin to talk with Him about what you read. Learning to trust Him more with each passing day. You can’t see the wind, but you can observe its power. You can’t see the Spirit but you can feel it each day as He encourages and guides you as you spend time with Him. He desires to disciple you. And that takes time. This is: Priority #1.

What is evidence you have a relationship with Jesus?

You are steadily becoming more like Him in thought, word, and deed. It doesn’t happen overnight. It is a gradual process. Just like the parent/child relationship. The child has to learn the various aspects of growing up. So does the child of God. You start with milk and you graduate to meat. You begin to show evidence you are: The follower of Jesus. The disciple of Jesus. YOU! 😉

In a nutshell.

Re-prioritize your focus. Your #1 focus is your relationship with Jesus as a follower of Christ. God will take care of the rest. You will be amazed how things fall into place when you turn to Him for guidance about everything.

Separation Anxiety.

When you first make that step, there can be a separation anxiety. Things may feel strange. And even periodically along the way, it is common to lose focus and suffer from separation anxiety. But do what you did at first and peace will return.

The solution?

Always: Come “Home” to Jesus.

“Father, I easily drown in a sea of priorities. Give me grace to accept that my relationship with You should be the most important goal of my life.”

Scripture Union’s Encounter with God. November 17, 2016.

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God bless you bunches!

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Distractions vs Focus

Distractions vs FocusDistractions vs Focus

Life is full of distractions and fears, but if we fix our minds—our thoughts—on Jesus, life is so much more rewarding and do-able.

Turn our eyes on Him

There’s a song that speaks of turning our eyes and looking intently at Jesus, rather than focusing on the distractions that are causing fear. To focus on Him, rather than the things of earth that will grow strangely dim because of focusing on His Glory and Grace.

Encounter with God devotional

”Jesus is better than who or what might compete with Him. Besides Him, all else pales into insignificance. It is He who will offer a secure hope.” Nothing or no one else can promise that. Only Jesus.

Worship Leader, Sean Feucht

When speaking about the Lord’s Prayer, he said, “Let’s do HERE what they are doing in Heaven. WORSHIP!”

There was something about the WAY Sean said that, that it really impacted me. WORSHIP is key. And it so easy to neglect in practice.

He also said, “I am as filthy rags. Without Him, I don’t DESERVE anything. HIS BLOOD makes us worthy.”

Nothing about ourselves makes us worthy

Knowing what we know, how can we do anything but confidently follow Him with devotion? Do you ever find yourself acting more like a human DOING rather than a human BEING? The pressures of life makes it hard to focus on Jesus. He just wants to BE WITH you and me. So…

What if we set an alarm for times during the day to purpose to think about Him? To draw us away from distractions. Such a small thing, yet it can bring amazing changes in the way we view life. He is worthy!

This is how we fight our battles

Remember the story of the 12 spies? They went to spy out the land and 10 of them came back with a bad report. I don’t want to be like those 10 grumbling, fearful naysayers. I want to be like the 2 who saw Victorious God as BIGGER than any giants or problems ahead. For the ten, life was about “me and the scary problems”..But for the other two, their life was about “me and the problems PLUS GOD!” The two welcomed God into the midst of the problems and shared a good report–that God is BIGGER than anything they might fear.

”For my determined purpose is that I may know Him That I may progressively become more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him, perceiving and recognizing and understanding the wonders of His Person, more strongly and more clearly!”

Philippians 3:10 (Amplified)

Problems begin to fade when we focus on Him. He will never leave us alone. Never ever!

God Loves Aardvarks: And God Loves Me

"Thank you, God, that you love all the animals and bugs. You love funny looking aardvarks and you love me."

Thankfulness through the alphabet. That's what this fun book will teach the kids in your life.

God Loves Aardvarks and God Loves Me

This was Distractions vs Focus,
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