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Leading from Your Strength Certified

Multi-tasking in Your Head

A Mini-Minute with Pam: Multi-tasking in Your Head

Man with box on head

How do you get from a sigh to a song?

Do you have trouble resting and just being with God with no agenda? He knows we need that. Are you multi-tasking in your head, like I was? Constantly ruminating about all you must do. Trying to figure out every angle so you don’t miss anything. Wanting to measure up. Trying to do so much for the Lord. I’ve spent years. Dumping lots of money. Hiring experts. Looking for someone to help me find God’s plan for my life. Many coaches. Many classes. Seminars. Counselors. Teachers. All different, but they all claimed they had the answer for me. I believed them. More thinking and doing.The only problem was, it was one size fits all. All of this “naval gazing” only produced more frustration.

I never measured up to the expectations

It only led to frustration. The Ministry Insight Leading From Your Strengths assessment actually began the journey to sanity and a degree of peace. It was a good place for me to start. (I’ve actually written a trilogy about discovering personality strengths, embracing them, and living them out in your day-to-day.) We are all different by God’s design. Embracing that is the first step to leave the SIGH behind) But something was still missing. I knew God was not surprised at my despair. I knew He was not angry with me. I knew He would show me the way sooner or later. The problem is, I didn’t measure up to expectations. And like you, I wanted “SOONER” rather than “LATER”.

None of the experts gave me the peace I longed for.

I could not find someone who would simply listen to me without trying to fix me. Kinda like Job’s friends. I know God sees me. God hears me. God cares. So, what was wrong with me? Have you ever felt that way? I read a book about Oswald Chambers. He claimed to know the SECRET. And you know what? He DID! He discovered the secret; but only after years of searching, disappointments, and isolation with his family while serving the Lord in China.

The sigh MUST come before the song.

God has a process. We must die to our own plan before He can raise us into His destiny for us. So, all of this struggling is actually part of His plan toward our maturity in the Lord. The Psalms are a great example. Most if not all Psalms begin with the sigh. The sadness. The loneliness. The searching for significance. Talking honestly to God. And by the end of the Psalm, there is usually breakthrough. My guess is that each Psalm could have taken months or perhaps years to compose. Because the discovery definitely takes time. Focused time.

Can a person actually bring that peace to another?

No, they can’t. Only God can. But first, God wants us to hear ourselves telling Him in detail what we believe the problem is. Confessing our unbelief, despair, fear, anger, or whatever emotion we are feeling. If you don’t feel like talking to Him about it, then tell Him that, too. He already knows anyway, right? Of course that is right. God knows everything. So, first I had to learn to be honest with God and with myself.

Israelites vs Joshua & Caleb

Which do you want to be? Spies went into the Promised Land. They all saw the problems. Most SIGHED and feared the size of the giants. They saw it as Giants vs the Israelite people. They saw no way of winning. But, Joshua and Caleb saw it as Giants vs God ! They saw the problem of the Giants, too. But they didn’t stay in the problem space. Rather, they knew their God was more powerful than any enemy. More powerful than any giants. In a sense, they were SINGING God’s praises of possibilities. They saw no way of losing. Which group do you fall into on most days? Be honest with yourself. Be honest with God. He already knows anyway. He just wants to know that WE know that He is BIGGER than any problem we face.

The right path

Little did I know that this entire process was the right path all along. Little did I know that God would lead me to discover the same secret as Oswald Chambers. Was it difficult? Yes. Was it lonely at times? Yes. And it still is sometimes. Not God AND (something or someone else)…But…Realizing that we all have a God-sized vacuum and only when we allow God and only God to totally fill it up to the brim, do we find the SECRET that Oswald Chambers discovered…that God has creatively been telling us all along, in various ways. The secret?


God is actually saying to us, “Everything that you are NOT, I AM! “ Everything! Absolutely everything!

There is just one more important thing I need to mention: Only if Jesus is your Lord and Savior, and if you have a personal relationship with Him, can you live like that.

Do I believe that? YES! Do you? If not, would you like to? It is a choice only you can make.

All are invited to come into relationship with Jesus but sadly, not all do.

Until next time…

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Awaiting His shout,

Living from Your Strengths Mentor

Life is Hectic. Where do you go for help?

Super hero in capeWhere do you go for help?

Life is hectic. Crazy busy. So…every once in awhile, I like to remind you that you don’t have to do this crazy busy hectic life alone…and that God didn’t plan for you to do it alone.

Relationships take time

UGH! They really do take time. And energy you don’t have! With this crazy busy world, it’s difficult to develop deep Christ-centered relationships. Friendships take time and by their very nature, they must be reciprocal. You do things for and with each other. That takes even more time. And worst of all, they can become competitive. So that takes even more time getting that all sorted out. Trying to keep up with the “Joneses”.

Competitiveness can squelch God’s voice

This is where a mentor coach comes in. It is a time to focus on you and how to make your life flow smoothly. Improving the quality of your relationships. Finding that peace you are longing for. That’s what I do. This is just a short post to remind you what I can actually do for YOU!!! I can help you rise above the crazy busyness…the relationship challenges…and the competitiveness. I can help you hear God’s voice and follow only after Him as your “gold standard”.


That is my specialty. Helping women keep God front and center. Even in a crazy busy life. Guaranteed! I can teach you how to focus on God, no matter what your circumstances. Seriously…NO MATTER WHAT your circumstances are!!!

What 3 women are saying about Pam Taylor, Mentor Coach, The MomCourager™

  • “I am so blessed to have you in my life! I was thinking about what an overwhelming summer, fall and winter I experienced. You supported me through many difficult months with prayer and encouragement. You helped me keep my bearings in Christ.”
  • “Pam is ‘real.’ She has a special way of connecting even across the miles. Pam is a coach who can be trusted to serve with skill and integrity.”
  • “Everyone needs a…Coach like you, Pam. I’m just sayin’. Thanks for your constant support and encouragement.”

That could be YOU.

The journey of a 1,000 miles begins with just one step. Just do the next thing. Contact me. You read the testimonies. There are more on the website. What are you waiting for? Coaching works. And I care! I want you to be the woman God created you to be. I want you to find peace and joy and clarity.

More testimonies are available in my Book #1 of the Living From Your Strengths Trilogy. This is a new year with new possibilities. Let’s get started right away, helping you grow into the woman God created you to be. You are amazing. God created uniquely you. He has a plan. And with all the busy lives we live now, we all need someone to come alongside and cheer us on and give us fresh perspective. An encourager who gives fresh but realistic hope. A sounding board. A safe place to be REAL.

If your heart is pounding, maybe God is calling you to give mentor coaching a try. If your life is not working now, what have you got to lose? Contact me and set up a time to ask me any questions you have about the coaching experience. So you can decide if I can help you find the higher ground you are longing for…
You can contact me here

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If All I Had…

A Mini-Minute with Pam

Lıfe preserver and book
My Omaha pastor said, “If all you have is your salvation, that should be enough.”

That was more than 40 years ago and I still ponder that statement. It pops into my mind often. Powerful.

Can we just stop our world for a minute and honestly think about that one sentence. Can we actually live our daily lives like that? Is Jesus truly enough? Or do you need more?

Do we walk in a state of contentment that God is our Father and that you and I are continually in His care?

Do you live you life with your eye on eternity with your Lord?

Or do you live in survival mode: Just for today? Is busy-ness your idol? Or is Jesus your “Hero”? Is He enough? If not, why not? And what can we do to change our mindset?

In Psalm 56:12b, 13 “I will render praises to You, for You have delivered my soul from death.”

Psalm 56:11 “In God I have put my trust; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

God bless you bunches!

Until next time…

Do you need encouragement in your walk with God?

I offer one-on-one coaching and would love to come alongside you to help you become the woman God created you to be.

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Quick & Easy School Day Breakfast “Cookie” (Save: Recipe included)

Flustered woman

School’s starting. Details. Details. YIKES!!

Is your head spinning, trying to remember all the details for everything you need to get accomplished for this new school year? There’s shopping, organizing, school physicals, car pool schedules, garage sales to make room for the new stuff you bought, and the need to get back into a good sleep routine.

And then, there is meal planning. Do I hear a SIGH?

Let’s talk about breakfast! You want your kids to start their school day (whether Traditional, Christian, or Homeschool) with a good & satisfying meal. Kids NEED breakfast!

I know you are so busy right now. I’m praying for you, Mama. We are on the same “team”. I want to help you with breakfast. Little successes lead to bigger successes as you walk out your daily routine in your career as Mama to your kids. And these successes help you begin to feel like the best mama ever! YAY!

Complete Meal in Cookie Form! YAY!

School Day Breakfast Cookie

(Preheat oven to 350 degrees)

Mix ingredients together with a large spoon, in a large bowl:

  • 2 cups oats (I use quick oats)
  • 1 mashed banana
  • 1/3 cup or 1 small individual size applesauce (unsweetened)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup or 1 individual size box raisins
  • 1/2 cup Greek yogurt
  • 1 t. vanilla
  • 1 t. cinnamon
  • 1/3 cup melted butter
  • 1/3 cup crushed walnuts (I crush them in a plastic bag with a hammer…to the consistency of flour.)

Baking time is: 15-20 minutes…depends on how big you make your cookies. The bigger the cookie, the longer it takes to cook! 🙂


  • If the mixture seems a bit too thick, I sometimes add a 1/2 cup or so of water to make it better consistency for mixing.
  • Sometimes for variety, I add 1/3 cup or so of Cocoa Powder or 1/2 cup of peanut butter for more protein.
  • Grease the cookie sheet.
  • I drop the dough by the spoonful and flatten with the back of the spoon.
  • I make my cookies as big as the ones at Starboard Market or Cookies, etc. or any other “Monster Cookie” shop, so that one cookie is a full meal.
  • I freeze them, for times when I’m in a rush.
  • Sometimes I add a glob of peanut butter on the top, for extra protein.

When running late in the morning…

  • I take one out of the freezer and either let it sit while I get ready for the day, OR I can heat it in the microwave for about 10-15 seconds. YUM!!!
  • The kids can take a breakfast cookie with them in the car. No sticky mess. What do you think?

Would you be so kind as to share on FB to help other Moms start the school/work day with a “cookie” 🙂

And, please…share in the comment section below, your own yummy and time saving school morning recipes. Thanks bunches!

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Do you have questions? Through the Ministry Insights assessment, you will Discover your strengths. And then, through mentor coaching, you will learn how to daily Embrace and Live out your strengths. You can contact me by clicking on the blue button beside the signature line. Or leave me a private message on Facebook.

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Charlie Brown and Friends

Charlie Brown and Snoopie

I’m usually the strong one.

The encourager. The listener. The coach. The mentor. I LOVE that! I LOVE listening to people’s stories! Hearing how God is challenging them and working in their lives. I love crying with them and laughing with them. I love reminding them what they are doing well. I love praying with them. All the people in my life are a blessing. Truly!


This week, I felt empty…for me it has been a week of sadness. Normally, I CHOOSE JOY. Normally, I CHOOSE CONTENTMENT in all circumstances. I have trained myself to CHOOSE GRATITUDE rather than grumbling…To TRUST GOD is the BLESSED CONTROLLER OF ALL THINGS and I can TRUST HIM.

I KNOW that in my “know-er”.


That wasn’t working for me this week. I FELT like an orphan. I AM an orphan. I FELT like a widow. I AM a widow. I had heard of another of my friends who died. I FELT lonely and very much ALONE. And I felt inadequate…

Like Charlie Brown’s friend, Linus, I wanted my Mommy. But that is not possible. She died when I was 12. I want my Dad, but he’s gone, too. Like Linus, I want my “security blanket”. And, like Charlie Brown, I want my friends around me, but they, too, are having a week of busy-ness, challenge and/or sadness of one sort or another. The news is grim. The weather is hot and humid. I am concentrating on what I LACK. I know better than that, but I can’t seem to snap out of it on my own. I count my blessings and then I hear a SIGH escape from my mouth. What’s THAT about?

I know what to do.

And, I have been doing it! I know to CHOOSE to praise the Lord IN every circumstance. And I’ve been doing it! I know to cry out in Jesus’ Name. To read the Psalms. To pray, pray, pray. To turn on praise music. To go for a walk. And…to remind myself of all that God has already done for me.

Yet, I was still “feeling lower than a snake’s belly” (Daddy-ism). I was feeling a bit like PigPen in the Charlie Brown’s gang. There has been a dark dust cloud over my head and it has been swirling around me. My projects are on hold for various reasons, and the computer likes to confound me and it seems to have a mind of its own at times like this. I was feeling like Charlie Brown…ready to kick the football, and Lucy yanks the ball away just as I am ready to kick it!

No GOOD reason.

There has been no GOOD reason to feel this way, but I know I am not alone. Many of you say the same thing from time to time.

Each friend I tried to connect with was too busy to talk. Or in the midst of their own crisis so were just plain unavailable. Actually I needed someone to LISTEN and help me hear where my stinkin’ thinkin’ was on the wrong base. I needed someone to just LOVE me through it…

Yes, I know I have Jesus, but I desperately needed “Jesus with SKIN on”…a person…a friend…

AND THEN IT LIFTED!!! The best way ever…

God did not send me a self-righteous Lucy, or a needy Linus, or a messy PigPen.

He sent me…

My dearest friend for over 40 years. We “connected” today by phone. I told her how I felt. She listened. I could totally be honest with her without fear of being judged or criticized. She KNOWS me inside out. I am blessed. Before I knew it, I was hearing myself laugh; and the dark “PigPen” cloud lifted off me. I could think CLEARLY again. I could BREATHE again. And my head cleared so I could think.

I had been unable to sit and write my weekly blog post.
During our conversation, the example of Charlie Brown’s friend, PigPen popped into my head. And here I am…ADULT-ING again! Writing this blog post.

God allows the valleys, so a friend can join us there and lift us back up to the mountaintop again.

To God be the Glory!

God has AGAIN proven His timing is always perfect!

Discover Living From Your Strengths (LFYS) Life Changing Mentor Coaching.

Do you have questions? Through the Ministry Insights assessment, you will Discover your strengths. And then, through mentor coaching, you will learn how to daily Embrace and Live out your strengths. You can contact me by clicking on the blue button beside the signature line. Or leave me a private message on Facebook.

Leading from Your Strengths

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Awaiting His shout,

Christian Life Coach
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Lord of the Loaves and Fishes

Lord of the Loaves and Fishes

The Lord of the Loaves and Fishes meets the needs of His children.

And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 4:19 in the New Testament of the Bible)

What’s your life look like right now?
Are you facing one problem after another? Feeling unfulfilled in your life’s work? In your family life? In your church life? Inside your own skin? Does it seem like something is missing?

Maybe something is missing. Maybe you are looking in the wrong places.

Are new needs arising?
Are you even thinking “And now there is Christmas with additional financial needs and relationship needs”? Do you feel pulled in all directions and do you feel like you simply cannot make ends meet?

What if it is true that you simply can’t make ends meet on your own?

And…what if there is a better plan?
!. What if you decide to talk it over with the Lord of the Loaves and Fishes?
2. What if you truly and honestly seek HIS plan for your life?
3. What if you ask HIM for help?

When we daily/moment-by-moment consciously and deliberately look to God for help, (“Give us this day your daily bread.” Matthew 6:11), we are acknowledging our own inability to meet our own needs. We are looking to Him as the Lord of the Loaves and Fishes.

How can we bless the Lord?
It blesses Him to know that we realize that He is the Source for all that we need. And He loves blessing His kids. (Of course, sometimes HIS idea of blessing is not what we were thinking would be a blessing, but it’s also true that: Father knows best!)

The foundational principle of my business:
There are true stories in the Bible that teach us about God multiplying what is offered up to Him. I believe that so strongly, that it’s actually the very foundational principle that my whole coaching business is based on.  loavesandfishescoaching.com  You will notice that theme in many of my blog posts as well.  Joyfully, I can testify that the Lord has empowered my clients to experience and then also reflect that foundational principle, as they travel the coaching and mentor/coaching journey. I am truly blessed by each uniquely individual  person that God sends my way.

Acknowledging God as provider
The very first step that Jesus took when he fed the hungry multitudes in the middle of nowhere, was to acknowledge that God Almighty is the One True God. He worshiped God the Father. He knew the Source of the provision of the needs of the people that were hungry. And–in response–God provided more than enough for all.

God responds
Over and over again in my own life, I have seen God multiply the meager offering I have to give. Whether it be time, money, or possessions. Jesus is the Lord of the Loaves and Fishes, and He’s with you in the boat on the rough sea of life. He’s promised to supply all your needs. Yes! He PROMISED! And He keeps His word. He can be trusted. The real question is: Do YOU Trust HIM to supply those needs?

The first step after giving
We need to ASK. To ask. To seek. To knock. We have to acknowledge the Source. He will do it even when we don’t see how it is possible. In fact, the Lord of the Loaves and Fishes…the Lord of the stormy seas…He is the Lord that loves the word IMPOSSIBLE!

I’d love to hear your stories of how God has met you at your point of need. What Loaves and Fishes has He supplied just when you needed them? Share your story. We all want to hear from you!

Merry Christmas!

The season of GIVING! Don’t let it end in January!

God bless you bunches!
Awaiting His shout,
Pam Taylor